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Dragon Age sale


Amazon is offering a great deal for the week of 6/25/12 on Dragon Age electronic game downloads (sorry, that means PC and MAC only). For $10 you’d get the original Dragon Age Origins, the expansion, and Dragon Age II.

Here’s the link for those who haven’t had a chance/reason to play this: Dragon Age deal!

Dragon Age 2 Crashes, Freezes, Performs Poorly/Slow, Errors Fixes


At last! Dragon Age 2 has come out. Dragon Age 2 shows off amazing graphics, as well as a beautiful soundtrack that makes the game play even better. There are many of you who are experiencing game crashes, and that are having Dragon Age 2 crash and freeze. Well after much research and testing, we have come up with a list for Dragon Age 2 Error Fixes. You can find Dragon Age 2 Crash to Desktop, Freezing, and other Error Fixes here.

I wanted to get this out of the door as soon as possible so bear with me. We will be adding to the list throughout today and tomorrow.

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