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Dragon Age sale


Amazon is offering a great deal for the week of 6/25/12 on Dragon Age electronic game downloads (sorry, that means PC and MAC only). For $10 you’d get the original Dragon Age Origins, the expansion, and Dragon Age II.

Here’s the link for those who haven’t had a chance/reason to play this: Dragon Age deal!

Dragon Age Journeys


To compliment my previous post about the upcoming game called Dragon Age Origins (LINK), here’s a flash version called Dragon Age Journeys (LINK).

Cool thing is, if you beat the flash version of the game, you can unlock three starting items in Origins 😉

Dragon Age Origins


I’m treading on Wrathie’s field here, but I happen to just come across wind of this game called Dragon Age Origins, here’s the video (rated M for mature, so don’t view if you’re under 17, ok?)


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