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Starcraft 2 Game Development Costs Over 100 Million Dollars


I just read an article at about how much it has cost Activision to create Starcraft II. The price? OVER 100 Million Dollars!

That’s ridiculous! Do they pay their employees 10x the normal wages or something? I’ve looked at previews for the game, as well as screen shots, and I just cannot comprehend why that much money was necessary for development. I mean…come on! Really…

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  1. Comments  servbot_kill   |  Wednesday, 21 July 2010 at 2:38 PM

    Considering some movies took that much to produce I guess this is just a first in game development. Of course, considering that Activision keeps shooting themselves in the feet with everything they do they’d have to rely on Blizzard to dig them out of the muck.

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