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Starcraft 2: Wings of Libery – Crash / Graphics / Error Fixes

Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is a GREAT game. There’s a reason it’s so highly rated by all gaming websites, and that’s because a lot of thought was put into the game design. It’d be a big disappointment of this game was rated badly anyway, seeing as how a ridiculous amount of cash was put into the game’s creation and there was massive amounts of hype built up for the game.

All great games have errors, however, but that doesn’t mean they’re not easy to fix. This guide will help you troubleshoot your Startcraft 2: Wings of Liberty errors so that you can start playing right away. Note that this game does not seem to be plagued with errors like some of the more recent PC game releases. Kudos to that! Here are some PC game fixes:

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Game Reviews: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


Title: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
Release Date: July 27, 2010
Platforms: PC, Mac
Availability: Retail, Digital Distribution
Players: 1-8 (over internet connection on

Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty BoxAfter having spent the past two days with Starcraft II since its midnight launch, I have to say it’s been an interesting experience. For a lot of you, that might seem a very underwhelming evaluation of the game and I have to say, I was in fact a bit underwhelmed. However, that in no way means that Starcraft II is in any way a sub-par title. There’s a very good reason Blizzard sunk $100 million into this baby and it shows pretty much everywhere you look.

Let’s break it down for you though.


Blizzard’s always had a strong tradition of pushing the graphics in their games. However, in SCII, you won’t see the best graphics Blizzard has to offer during the RTS portions of the gameplay.

Starcraft 2 Game Development Costs Over 100 Million Dollars


I just read an article at about how much it has cost Activision to create Starcraft II. The price? OVER 100 Million Dollars!

That’s ridiculous! Do they pay their employees 10x the normal wages or something? I’ve looked at previews for the game, as well as screen shots, and I just cannot comprehend why that much money was necessary for development. I mean…come on! Really…


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