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Quirky little adapter turns your iPod touch into a full phone


Well not so much little, per se. The “Apple Peel” 520 is a case that fits around an iPod touch and plugs into the bottom, adding a microphone, SIM card slot, speaker, and various apps that apparently turn your iPod into a fully functional phone, with SMS and voicemail and whatnot. The price? $70 USD, although only available in China right now.

The fact that all the apps are in Chinese doesn’t help matters, but the prospect of turning some unused iPod touches into something more resembling their more functional, status-symbol brethren is certainly going to attract some attention, especially from cash-strapped college students anywhere in the world.

Article @ Engadget

A review at MIC Gadget

One might want to take a look at a competitor device that’s already sprung up as well, the tPhone attachment. $30 more, but looks like better construction, actual adjustable call volume… who knows?

the tPhone via engadget

That said, one should still always be careful of devices from that region…

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