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Video: China – Mini Van Driver Caught Transporting 64 Children


It actually had 66 Chinese passengers total — 2 adults and 64 kids. Wow. The seats in the back were replaced with benches too to support all the people! lol. That may be staying “green” by car pooling…but that is completely against the law of course! Was he really taking them / bussing them to school? Or just escorting them to a party? Who knows!

Quirky little adapter turns your iPod touch into a full phone


Well not so much little, per se. The “Apple Peel” 520 is a case that fits around an iPod touch and plugs into the bottom, adding a microphone, SIM card slot, speaker, and various apps that apparently turn your iPod into a fully functional phone, with SMS and voicemail and whatnot. The price? $70 USD, although only available in China right now.

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Transformer Assembled from Junk


Via Engadget comes this snippet and rather breathtaking photo of a full-scale replica of Optimus Prime in his full Transformers film glory in China, apparently built completely from junk parts found in one of China’s many landfills.

Built totally from junk in Chinese landfills.

Don’t know whether this is more a testament to Chinese creativity or the sheer volume of crap in Chinese landfills. Probably the latter. Either way, it’s certainly greener than the nearest equivalent in Tokyo, Japan.

An astute blogger at CNET apparently sees the possibilities here too.

A Reason to Never Give Money to Hoboes


You don’t know who could turn out to be a Terminator:

GoDaddy Stops Registering Domains in World’s Biggest Emerging Market


Today, in a Congressional testimony, senior executives from announced they would stop registering domain names in China, effectively ceasing their entire business operations in the country. This isn’t due to just riding on Google’s happy internet freedom bandwagon either; GoDaddy was recently handed new regulations to follow by the Chinese government meant to create clearly identifiable profiles of people registering domains by the service.


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