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Micro Review: Sprint Palm Pre


So, after calling Sprint, telling them I’d like to end my contract, earning a $150 discount instead (i re-newed my 2 year contract last year in july), i bought the PALM PRE!! It is sexy. Flat out sexy. Sleek, sexy. I missed the deal from Best Buy when it was selling it for $99, but i bought it from radio shack at $200 (Price matched). I think Naota knows more about this phone than I do, sadly enough.. Tell them about it’s sexiness please.

From my experience….
Great interface
multi-point touch
has a flash for the camera
great speaker
2nd best to the iphone?
3.0 MP camera
fast internet
can view .pdf, .doc and excel
promotes Synergy!!

Non-visual voice mail
no touch screen keyboard
no video capture
Can’t set the text ring tone

also includes:
Battery screen, map screen, call screen, radar, ammo screen, health screen and many more

plus loads of extra features:
microphone, camera, nail file, scissors, scanner, fridge and sun bed!

(just kidding about the last two, its from a good ‘ol vid )

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