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T-Mobile to Be Acquired by…. Sprint!?


T-Mobile and Sprint have currently been talking with each other a lot lately. Deutsche Telekom, the owner of the T-Mobile USA subsidiary, is considering spinning off T-Mobile USA.

While these two carriers have many users, both haven’t been able to hold a dominant marketshare over AT&T and Verizon. This acquisition certainly would boost Sprint’s userbase by a significant amount.

Sprint to Acquire T-Mobile

The real challenge here is actually the technology behind it all. Sprint uses CDMA technology that operates without a Sim Card and on a different frequency from T-Mobile’s GSM (Sim Card) technologies.

Will users one day get to use either technologies? Will this acquisition go more smoothly then when Sprint and Nextel merged? At the moment no, as both companies cannot agree on how much T-Mobile USA is worth. Only time will tell.

Sprint Mystery Event Revealed: The Kyocera Echo


Sprint has completed their mystery event which featured famous magician David Blaine. What they revealed was the new Kyocera Echo. You can find more information about the Kyocera Echo here.

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Sanyo – Incognito SCP-6760 (Sprint)


Well, now that there’s a phone battle going down, I’d like to voice my interest phone of the year. Read more about Sprint’s Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760

Micro Review: Sprint Palm Pre


So, after calling Sprint, telling them I’d like to end my contract, earning a $150 discount instead (i re-newed my 2 year contract last year in july), i bought the PALM PRE!! It is sexy. Flat out sexy. Sleek, sexy. I missed the deal from Best Buy when it was selling it for $99, but i bought it from radio shack at $200 (Price matched). I think Naota knows more about this phone than I do, sadly enough.. Tell them about it’s sexiness please.

From my experience….
Great interface
multi-point touch
has a flash for the camera
great speaker
2nd best to the iphone?
3.0 MP camera
fast internet
can view .pdf, .doc and excel
promotes Synergy!!

Non-visual voice mail
no touch screen keyboard
no video capture
Can’t set the text ring tone

also includes:
Battery screen, map screen, call screen, radar, ammo screen, health screen and many more

plus loads of extra features:
microphone, camera, nail file, scissors, scanner, fridge and sun bed!

(just kidding about the last two, its from a good ‘ol vid )


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