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Gaming Vest Makes First Person Shooters … Hurt!


A gaming vest is being created at the University of Pennsylvania that brings a whole new level of reality to gaming. In this case, the vest allows you to feel what’s going Gaming Veston in the game. For instance, if you get shot while playing a First Person Shooter (FPS) game, then the vest will make sure you feel it. This remains the same if you are stabbed, kicked, and so forth.

Vibrations are used to help simulate the feeling of being hit, having four solenoid actuators in the chest and shoulders, and two in the back. The pain is comparable to being shot by a paintball gun, but doesn’t hurt as much.

I must say, this sounds really cool and it even has combat training uses. If I had one of these on when playing a first person shooter, I would probably feel beaten to death since I’m so terrible at those games. In gives you motivation to not get hit though, unless you like the feeling it gives off…!

Source: Wired

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