Today is Friday, 29th September 2023

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Adios Pop Up Ads!


Greetings Geek Montage viewers! We decided to get rid of the pop up ad on our website. Although this was the primary source of payment for our server, we decided that we’d rather take a loss in revenue than have our users have to deal with the annoyance that comes from popup ads. We hope you like the change!

Merry Christmas!


To all our visitors, we wish you a very merry Christmas! May presents rain down upon you from the sky…with maybe a bit of snow on the side! And for those who got coal in their stockings, well, serves you right. Word on the street is if you apply enough pressure to it, it’ll change to a diamond, so work hard at it!

Contact Form Added


Greetings! A contact form has been added to the website. Feel free to contact us about anything: general feedback, problems with the website, affiliate opportunities, etc.

On an unrelated note, many ads were removed site-wide from the website. This will hopefully decrease page loading times and speed up the overall website.

GeekMontage’s One Year Anniversary!!!


Hello GM’ers! It has been over one year since we have launched, and since then, the site has become more and more broad! =) Actually our anniversary was on the 2nd. Shame on the other staff members… and me for letting this slip by unnoticed.

It has been a great year for us. We have received over 1,263 comments/link backs and approximately 1 million page views. In the past year we have given you games, free downloads (free music, free games, free shows, free movies), news, tutorials, articles, reviews, photos, and videos. (all legally of course). We will continue to provide these things to you and will strive to give you more stuff that you all love.

Thank you for supporting us. Let’s make next year even better~!

– ナオ太


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