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Ryan Higa NIGAHIGA Gangam Style GIF LOOP


Here are some Ryan Higa (NIGAHIGA) Gangam Style GIFs.

Diablo III (3) Error 3006, Error 75


The epic Diablo III role-playing game experienced several hiccups on launch day today as players reported numerous errors preventing gameplay. Not long after the midnight launch, some concerned players hit parent company Blizzard’s support forums with concerns about “Error 3006,” perhaps the worst error seen so far.
The bug, which only affects the Demon Hunter class, supposedly occurs when one equips a Templar follower with a shield early in the game. Performing this action reportedly causes the game to disconnect the player immediately, and then follows up with a disastrous repetitive “Error 75” that continuously prevents the user from further log-in.
According to Blizzard community manager Takralus, “The current workaround is to not give the Templar any gear until after you accept him as your follower through the UI pop-up.” A hot-fix for the issue may come as soon as today, according to a Blizzard representative.

Source: CNET

Apple Products Coming in 2013

Behold the iToilet! Now you can continue loving your Apple products without missing a beat!..beet

Apple Products 2013 iPoo iToilet

You can see 2012 and 2014 Apple Releases here as well!

World of WarCraft (WoW) Real Life Models!

Below you will see new gear being shown to everyone VIA World of Warcraft (WoW) Models.

WoW Characters in Real Life Models

A bit overboard don’t you think? lol. Well this is certain to get some WoW addict’s attention.

Daily Digest November 23, 2011



  • Valve announces Steam Autumn Sale

    Valve never misses an opportunity to have a sale on Steam, and Thanksgiving weekend is no exception. Today, the digital games service has kicked off its Autumn Sale, promising to bring huge discounts to a range of popular games and publisher back catalogs. In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a few […]

  • Front-facing camera battle: Samsung Galaxy Nexus at 720p vs. iPhone 4S

    Of the many things that are said about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, possibly the single most highly criticized feature is the camera. In a world where competing devices like the iPhone 4S and the HTC Rezound are coming in at 8 megapixels for the rear facing camera, the Galaxy Nexus sports what many considered to be an out-of-date […]


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