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Daily Digest November 23, 2011



  • Valve announces Steam Autumn Sale

    Valve never misses an opportunity to have a sale on Steam, and Thanksgiving weekend is no exception. Today, the digital games service has kicked off its Autumn Sale, promising to bring huge discounts to a range of popular games and publisher back catalogs. In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a few […]

  • Front-facing camera battle: Samsung Galaxy Nexus at 720p vs. iPhone 4S

    Of the many things that are said about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, possibly the single most highly criticized feature is the camera. In a world where competing devices like the iPhone 4S and the HTC Rezound are coming in at 8 megapixels for the rear facing camera, the Galaxy Nexus sports what many considered to be an out-of-date […]

Daily Digest November 22, 2011



  • Microsoft offers free bacon outside Amazon and Google HQ

    Working for Microsoft or Google is a dream for a lot of people. They pay well, they offer great on site services so you never want to/have to leave, and you’re probably going to end up working on some very cool projects. The problem is, both companies are vying for employees from the same talent […]

  • Electronic contact lens brings humans one step closer to having a HUD

    If you have ever seen Terminator 2, you are familiar with the cool cutscenes showing the audience what Arnold is seeing realtime as he scans the area. We don’t know about you, but in our secret geek place that resides in our brains, we have wanted to be able to look upon the world with […]

Daily Digest November 21, 2011



  • Google issues big update for iPad search app

    Most iPad users simply use Safari when it comes to searching the web. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it has all of the functionality you could hope for. However, Google has been offering a dedicated search app for some time now. That app just became a slightly more appealing option with a significant update today. […]

  • Samsung getting into consumer LED lighting

    When you think of Samsung all sorts of gadgets come to mind like televisions, smartphones, cameras, and laptops. If you know more about the company than the typical US consumer though, you might also think about memory, semiconductors, LCD panels, processors, and solar panels. As of today, you can add consumer LED bulbs to that […]

Daily Digest November 20, 2011



  • 920 pencils used to create memorable stop-motion music video

    Stop-motion seems to be a popular choice for music videos lately, which is surprising as they may be cheap to make, but take months of painstaking work to bring together. A couple of weeks ago we got to see the incredible stop-motion music video created with 288,000 jelly beans. It was for Kina Grannis’ latest […]

  • Apple could, one day, give the iPhone an inflatable shock mount

    If you have been one of the unfortunate people who has dropped their iPhone 4 only to have the screen crack, this story may bring you some comfort for future iDevices. Apple, as you have probably guessed, is fully aware of the perils of people caring around a glass-clad device and is brainstorming some ways […]

Daily Digest November 19, 2011



  • Chinese hackers took control of NASA satellite for 11 minutes

    Landsat-7 and Terra EOS satellites Hacking is becoming a growing problem on Earth. It may seem strange to mention Earth, as there’s not much to hack outside of our planet’s atmosphere unless you count satellites. Even then, how feasible would it be to gain access to the systems running such devices? Well, China not only […]

  • What happens when you crack an egg 100 feet underwater?

    Have you ever wondered what would happen to an egg if you cracked it deep underwater? Yeah, we haven’t either. Leave it to a pair of Aussie divers to jump in and try it out to see the results. Two instructors from Go Dive Brisbane dove into 32 meters of water with a half dozen […]


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