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OpEd: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut- I Consider the Matter Closed.


I think we all were not expecting much from the Extended Cut given the lackluster promises given to us by BioWare beforehand and the free multiplayer DLCs in the intervening time period that might have smacked of desperation. That’s why when the EC finally rolled around, it, for most of us, if the forums are to be believed, fixed some of the most grievous problems regarding the ending. Believe it or not, those promises regarding closure and insight were really all that was needed to fix the bewilderment and anger.

That said though, was it that hard, BioWare, to put this content in? What I saw were elements that really should have been part of the ending narrative in the first place– a very targeted package designed to address the complaints that popped up most frequently and also fit into a specific budget and timeframe, not a package that really reflected a love or appreciation of the series from either the creators or the fans. A small text message at the end does not a heartfelt message necessarily make, however better it is than the insulting “Buy More DLC” blurb that was previously there.

Change Adobe Photoshop CS6 Theme (Dark) and (Light) Colors


Photoshop CS6 Theme Changing

Photoshop CS6 Theme Changing

If you are like me, you might miss the older Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 and below light themes. Photoshop CS6 has a dark theme that reminded me of Fireworks during the Macromedia days. No matter, here is how you can change Adobe Photoshop CS6 themes and colors.

To use the light Adobe Photoshop CS6 theme and layout Press Shift+F2 OR Shift+Function+F2. Each time you press it, the layout will get lighter.

To darken the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Theme and layout Press Shift+F1 or Shift+Function+F1. Each time you press it, the layout will get lighter.

Keyboard buttons not working? You can also go to the menu and choose Edit -> Preferences -> Interface and choose one of the four colors at the top of the window that opens.

And that is it! Enjoy!

Dragon Age sale


Amazon is offering a great deal for the week of 6/25/12 on Dragon Age electronic game downloads (sorry, that means PC and MAC only). For $10 you’d get the original Dragon Age Origins, the expansion, and Dragon Age II.

Here’s the link for those who haven’t had a chance/reason to play this: Dragon Age deal!

Stencyl Guides Now Launched!


A new website has been a launched called Stencyl Guides! This website has tutorials, help, and general information pertaining to Stencyl / Stencylworks, which is used for making games / apps for Flash, HTML5 / Android, Windows PC, and Macintosh IOS. So need Stencyl help? Just view the easy-to-follow Stencyl Tutorials.

With the recent release of Stencyl 2.2, new futures are becoming available all the time too, which is exciting. Stencyl 3.0 is just around the corner, and promises to add additional amazon features too.

Fastest Wireless Routers Available: 802.11ac

You may have heard about the release of the new WiFi standard: 802.11ac

The speed is rated to be 3x faster than a normal 802.11n connection. That’s a HUGE increase in speed.

AirStation AC1300 N900 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-D1800H NETGEAR Netgear R6300

While it won’t benefit most people who just do normal web page surfing, internet chatting, and gaming, it WILL if you do a lot of file sharing (perhaps via file servers or shared network folders), streaming from PC to PC/device, and so forth.


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