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  • Ultimate geek footstool: 555 timer chip

    Buying products that reinforce your geek credentials usually involves a trip over to ThinkGeek, but for once they don’t have the geekiest item out there in a specific category. In the area of footstools, that award has to go to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. The 555 Footstool is a typically functioning footstool, but it looks […]

  • Travel gadgets – Packing light while staying connected

    It’s almost July and travel season is upon us, which means that many of us will be packing our bags, charging our gadgets, and shipping off for a few days. Whether you are going near or far you’ll probably want to pack some of you electronic necessities so that you can have some twenty-first century […]

  • HTC Eternity details leak, huge 4.7″ display expected

    Another day, another leaked smartphone. Only this one is looking like it might be kind of special for the power users among you. The HTC Eternity has a very fitting name because the screen is rather large at 4.7 inches and takes the form of a WVGA Super LCD. Add to that a 1.5GHz single-core […]

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  • Google Swiffy turns Flash animations into HTML5

    Swiffy converts SWF-formatted Flash animations to HTML5 content on the fly, almost magically transmuting them into SVG images, a CSS file, and an accompanying JSON Javascript. The point of Swiffy isn’t to convert full Flash games or videos into HTML5 content. It might come to that point one day in the far-flung future, but at […]

  • RIM scraps 10-inch PlayBook, focus now on Retina display BlackBerry?

    Right now the tablet space is a little difficult to break into, thanks to the dominance of the iPad. Like many companies, RIM figured it was a market worth going after. Back in April, the Waterloo, Ontario company hosted a party in the heart of New York City to trumpet the arrival of the PlayBook, […]

  • iPhone 5 in 2011? No, but 3GS may go free

    On Monday we had an analyst from Deutsche Bank predicting that Apple would release both an iPhone 5 and cheaper iPhone 4S in September. That made sense from the viewpoint that Apple wants to grab the mid and budget phone users just when RIM is struggling and Nokia is shifting to Windows Phone 7. But […]

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  • Pixar teases new movie Brave

    Ever since Toy Story made us all fans, Pixar hasn’t really put a foot wrong. A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Up. They really do know their stuff and seem capable of producing hit after hit with little effort. This summer we have Cars 2 to enjoy, but […]

  • Fruit Ninja Kinect lets you slice and dice in real life

    Fruit Ninja, the popular mobile game that has the player use swipe movements to slice assorted fruits in half, is finally ready for the Kinect. Back in January, we saw a live-action Fruit Ninja video from a duo of, well, unskilled fruit ninjas. Apples, oranges, limes, and lemons were literally hurled at the guys who […]

  • iOS has 10x more security holes than Android, but it’s still safer says Symantec

    As far back as 2008, companies like Symantec warned that Android’s comparative openness made it more vulnerable than competing mobile operating systems like iOS. Now, however, Symantec has taken another look at Android and iOS and reached a rather different conclusion this time around. According to the new study, iOS is currently saddled wth 182 […]

Cute Video: Baby Sloths!


Here’s a cute animal video of sloths entitled “Meet the Sloths”.

They live in Aviarios del Caribe – a sloth orphanage.

I want a baby sloth!

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  • Apollo 11 Moon dust auction stopped by NASA

    One St. Louis auction house, Regency-Superior, had planned to offer something out of this world. A woman had co-signed with the auction to sell a few grains of Moon dust which were brought back with Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the Moon. She had inherited the material from her late husband. There was […]

  • iOS 5 beta 2 adds nine new features

    A new beta has been released for Apple’s iOS 5. Announced at Apple’s developer’s conference at the beginning of the month, iOS 5 is said to offer 200 new features. We already know a bit about Notification Center, iMessage, the split keyboard for the iPad, and a texting shortcut. However, with the iOS 5 beta 2 […]

  • Google removes Transdroid torrent app from Android Market

    Android’s (mostly) open platform has allowed its users Market access to certain types of apps you’ll never see in Apple’s App Store — such as anything to do with torrents. A quick search turns up more than 100 apps, with releases like uTorrent Remote and tTorrent among the most popular. Over the weekend, a third […]


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