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  • Google Swiffy turns Flash animations into HTML5

    Swiffy converts SWF-formatted Flash animations to HTML5 content on the fly, almost magically transmuting them into SVG images, a CSS file, and an accompanying JSON Javascript. The point of Swiffy isn’t to convert full Flash games or videos into HTML5 content. It might come to that point one day in the far-flung future, but at […]

  • RIM scraps 10-inch PlayBook, focus now on Retina display BlackBerry?

    Right now the tablet space is a little difficult to break into, thanks to the dominance of the iPad. Like many companies, RIM figured it was a market worth going after. Back in April, the Waterloo, Ontario company hosted a party in the heart of New York City to trumpet the arrival of the PlayBook, […]

  • iPhone 5 in 2011? No, but 3GS may go free

    On Monday we had an analyst from Deutsche Bank predicting that Apple would release both an iPhone 5 and cheaper iPhone 4S in September. That made sense from the viewpoint that Apple wants to grab the mid and budget phone users just when RIM is struggling and Nokia is shifting to Windows Phone 7. But […]

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