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  • Apollo 11 Moon dust auction stopped by NASA

    One St. Louis auction house, Regency-Superior, had planned to offer something out of this world. A woman had co-signed with the auction to sell a few grains of Moon dust which were brought back with Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the Moon. She had inherited the material from her late husband. There was […]

  • iOS 5 beta 2 adds nine new features

    A new beta has been released for Apple’s iOS 5. Announced at Apple’s developer’s conference at the beginning of the month, iOS 5 is said to offer 200 new features. We already know a bit about Notification Center, iMessage, the split keyboard for the iPad, and a texting shortcut. However, with the iOS 5 beta 2 […]

  • Google removes Transdroid torrent app from Android Market

    Android’s (mostly) open platform has allowed its users Market access to certain types of apps you’ll never see in Apple’s App Store — such as anything to do with torrents. A quick search turns up more than 100 apps, with releases like uTorrent Remote and tTorrent among the most popular. Over the weekend, a third […]

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