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  • New Canadian internet metering will cost average customer a lot more for much less, say ISPs

    In Canada, the internet is no longer all-you-can-eat, thanks to a new scheme called Usage-Based Billing (UBB), otherwise known as metered Internet billing. The idea might, on the surface of things, seem sound: you should pay for the bandwidth you use… no more, no less.
    Unfortunately, that’s just the way that incumbent carrier Bell Canada […]

  • AMD reduces C-50 netbook APU to 5W, bringing it to tablets

    AMD never had much luck competing with Intel in the netbook space. They just never seemed to gain any traction with a CPU worthy of competing with Atom. AMD’s not about to make the same mistakes now that tablets are de rigeur, though: they are now showing off a low power 5W version of their […]

  • The power of open source: An Android story

    Originally, I wanted to title this “Doing It Right vs. Doing It Wrong” but the more I looked at the situation, the more I realized how much more significant this story was. This isn’t the tale of a fanboy extolling the virtues of Android to the masses. This is a significant example of why, when […]

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  • Evolution of the cell phone depicted in papercraft

    The cell phone as we know it today is a small device thin enough to slide into a pocket, yet with a screen big enough to watch video and play games on. But it wasn’t always like that. The first phones were carried like a heavy bag, with the battery several times larger than the […]

  • Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live: “I invented poking”

    The episode of Saturday Night Live aired yesterday was one all fans of Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t dare miss. Not only did it have the real Zuckerberg making an appearance, but got two fake versions standing alongside him.
    First of all there was Jesse Eisenberg who played the Facebook founder in the film The Social Network, and […]

Funny Banned 2010 Super Bowl Commercial


This is an amusing Bud Light / BL commercial! This beer commercial was originally meant to be broadcasted during the 2010 Superbowl, but I guess it was too naughty for football watchers, huh? Anyway, enjoy the amusing video!

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  • RC Tricopter modded with fireworks gun

    A radio-controlled helicopter enthusiast in Sweden decided to mod his tricopter recently with a fireworks gun. The end result is surprisingly effective remote flying attack unit as the video above demonstrates.

    The gun consisted of roman candles mounted on the tricopter with remote ignition controlled by a bit-switch. As the modder and pilot explains on his […]

  • A JavaScript 3D model viewer in your browser

    Although people talk of HTML5 being the future of the web, such a future also means JavaScript is becoming an ever more important part of web development. While HTML5 brings features like the Canvas tag for drawing in a browser, JavaScript is what you use to control what’s being drawn and the manipulation there of.
    This […]

  • Glif: the last iPhone 4 stand you’ll ever need

    The role of the phone has changed significantly since smartphones entered the mainstream. No longer is a handset just for making calls and sending text messages. They have high megapixel cameras, video recording capabilities and video-calling, they playback music and HD premium content such as movies, and have app stores full of useful utilities and […]

Funny Video: Epic Fail – Streaker


Check out this hilarious video of someone trying to streak by a tennis ball court. His failure is our gain since the video wouldn’t have been as funny otherwise!


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