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  • New Canadian internet metering will cost average customer a lot more for much less, say ISPs

    In Canada, the internet is no longer all-you-can-eat, thanks to a new scheme called Usage-Based Billing (UBB), otherwise known as metered Internet billing. The idea might, on the surface of things, seem sound: you should pay for the bandwidth you use… no more, no less.
    Unfortunately, that’s just the way that incumbent carrier Bell Canada […]

  • AMD reduces C-50 netbook APU to 5W, bringing it to tablets

    AMD never had much luck competing with Intel in the netbook space. They just never seemed to gain any traction with a CPU worthy of competing with Atom. AMD’s not about to make the same mistakes now that tablets are de rigeur, though: they are now showing off a low power 5W version of their […]

  • The power of open source: An Android story

    Originally, I wanted to title this “Doing It Right vs. Doing It Wrong” but the more I looked at the situation, the more I realized how much more significant this story was. This isn’t the tale of a fanboy extolling the virtues of Android to the masses. This is a significant example of why, when […]

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