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  • Kindle ebooks now outselling paperbacks

    Way back in July, online retailing giant Amazon dropped an interesting statistic: they were selling Kindle ebooks at a rate of two-to-one when compared to hardcover book sales.
    It was a surprising metric, but it wasn’t really clear what it meant: not only is Amazon the only place that sells Kindle books (which would artificially inflate […]

  • Insomniac & Naughty Dog not handling own IP for PSP 2 games

    While Uncharted and Resistance are confirmed as getting a release on the newly announced PSP 2, Insomniac and Naughty Dog are not developing them internally. Instead, third-party developers have been entrusted with the IP.
    Uncharted development duties have fallen to Bend Studio. Fans of Naughty Dog’s game should not be worried, though. Bend has a rich […]

  • FCC tears open Notion Ink Adam, discovers a questionably built mess inside

    One of the joys of reading gadget blogs is the inevitable teardown pics, whether conducted by the venerable FCC or our favorite tech vivisectionists over at iFixIt. It’s a chance to look at the inner workings of some of our favorite gadgets and marvel at the tightly-packed economy and graceful design of their silicon […]

Installing ATI Catalyst Install Manager Freezes and Gets Stuck


AMD has released version 11.1 of Catalyst. With this update comes many new performance enhancements, as well as bug fixes. Some people may be experiencing an error during the install process where Catalyst does not finish installing and just sits at the “Installing ATI Catalyst Install Manager” portion. To fix this, you should download the latest ATI Catalyst Hotfix. You can find it courtesy of Guru3d here.

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  • Verizon HTC Thunderbolt to do what iPhone can’t: simultaneous data and voice

    One of the big disadvantages a mobile customer considering the Verizon iPhone over one from AT&T needs to consider is the way CDMA networks handle simultaneous data and voice: they don’t. Consequently, if you buy a Verizon iPhone, pick up a call, then need to consult Google Maps, you can’t just put your call on […]

  • Mozilla adds Home Dash visual browser search to Firefox 4 Beta

    When web browsers were first made available you used to have to open a new browser window for every page you wanted to view. At the time it wasn’t really an issue, but then the web got more popular and you wanted multple pages open at the same time all the time, so browsers introduced […]

  • Sony’s PlayStation Suite will bring PlayStation games to Android

    Early this morning, Sony ended years of speculation and rumors by finally making the PSP2 (or NGP as they are calling it right now) official… but they didn’t do the same thing for the so-called PlayStation Phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.
    None the less, one detail Sony made public at least answers the question what […]

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  • Play Tetris in your living room with Tetris Link board game

    If you look at the earliest computer games, you’ll notice a lot of them were an attempt by programmers to turn an existing card, board or table game into a bunch of ones and zeroes. Pong, for example, is a simplified digital version of Ping Pong: the earliest Unix games were simple text based versions […]

  • Ricoh CX5 gains 0.2 second focus thanks to new hybrid AF tech

    Ricoh doesn’t often get a lot of attention here on a Geek, which is a shame, because they make an incredible line of cameras that often add excellent new features significantly before the competition. The new CX5 is no exception, bringing the intriguing new feature of hybrid autofocus to the CX line.
    Hardware-wise, the CX5 is […]

  • Researchers develop thermal nanotape to help cool future CPUs & GPUs

    The most common way to cool a processor at the moment is with a heatsink and fan combination on top of a thermal compound linking them to the surface of the chip. But there’s only so much heat that can be dissipated with such solutions and the thermal compound being used will degrade over time.
    Researchers […]

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  • The Hammerhead is an attractive, unique case mod you can actually buy

    One of the problems with all of those sexy PC case mods you see on the Internet is that if you want one, the only way to do it without ripping out your gold fillings in the bathroom mirror and smelting them down to pay for it is to build it yourself.
    Designer Matthew Kim has […]

  • Notion Ink may have taken K-9 code for Adam without attribution, says dev

    After a series of seemingly interminable delays, Notion Ink has finally started sending out the first of their much anticipated Adam tablet… but already there might be a controversy brewing, as allegations fly that Notion Ink based their custom email app on open-source K-9 mail client for Android… and then didn’t give the original developers […]

  • Our brains forget information at a rate of 1 bit per second per neuron

    Activity pattern showing which neurons are active
    The human brain is incredibly complex and something we are nowhere near close to simulating with nerual networks using the computing power on offer today. While we can’t simulate how the brain deals with information, we can continue to experiment and learn more about how it functions.
    What we do […]


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