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Funny Video: Moonwalking With Shopping Cart


I’m sure other people won’t find this as funny as I did, but here’s a picture of some random guy moonwalking with a shopping cart at Walmart.

Funny “I wanna be like Mommy” Drawing


Here is a drawing that a child drew in class. It is about what they want to be when they grow up. After the child got their drawing back the parent finally saw it and felt obligated to write a response…. lol.

When I Grow Up

I want to be like mommy!

You may click the image to enlarge it. Enjoy.

Cows & Cows & Cows


I think the video’s a bit more entertaining than the music for this one..

Tekken X Street Fighter


They’ve finally put all these legendary characters from each game in one! There are two versions, Tekken X SF or SF X Tekken, each reflecting controls of the game first listed in each title. It’s just on the drawing board, so gonna have to wait for this one, but it’s promising.

Cool: Almost Invisible Tree House


An almost-invisible tree house has been built using mirrors and other things in Sweden by Tham & Videgard. Here’s a picture of it from the Outside and Inside (Click to enlarge image.):
Almost Invisible Tree House - Outside Almost Invisible Tree House - Inside

Very cool, huh? Check out more information on it from Here.


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