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Halloween Special – Evil Babies


Happy Halloween! I have a set of scary baby videos that you can watch to get prepared for Halloween. Enjoy.

Happy Halloween!


Celebrate by watching this 12 year old guitar prodigy play a song for you. He’s been playing for around 3 years. I suspect this may be a video of one of our staff members here when they were a kid…Naota!

Not Much to Post So…Here's a Kid Stuck In a Skate Bowl


He must be sooooo embarrassed.

Sid Meier's Civilization Game for Facebook


Though I personally do not use Facebook or anything similar, many of you may be happy to know that Sid Meier’s Civilization game is coming to Facebook! It is due for release sometime in 2010, but beta testing is currently an option! Check out what some info:

Geek Montage Contest Update


Okay. Nobody was participating in the contest, though it got lots and lots of views…So the requirement is now only 10 posts. If you don’t know what contest I’m refering to, look Here. Come on guys, it’s only 10 posts for an awesome 1-year license for an awesome anti-malware Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 suite. Loads of people have read the post, but none have participated. Don’t be scared. We don’t bite…We chomp 😉


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