Today is Friday, 30th September 2022

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Happy CNY


Happy Chinese New Years everyone! Year of the Tiger!
kung hei fat choy
Picture Credits to Zulva

Foose On Vacation


To all my fellow co workers and fans and followers, I am taking a 2 week vacation to South Korea.  Since I did not finish Escape the Store on time (Thanks to Borderlands distracting me) I’m hoping that Naota or DarkKnightH20 will help embellish the game so when I get back, the game shall be done!

See you all in 2 weeks.  Foose out.

Happy New Years!


It is now 2010. Know what that means? You must get your funk on, yo! Party like it’s the year 2000! All of the Geek Montage staff wish you a happy New Years! Don’t drink too much, okay? And be careful with your keg stands…

Happy Late Christmas


I hope you all had a great Christmas. Today is now the 26th — another special day. Today is the day you return all of those presents that you got, but disliked. Have fun raiding stores with receipts!

Happy Thanksgiving


On behalf of all of the staff at Geek Montage, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat as much as you can and gain loads of weight!


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