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Video Game Hero of the Month: October 2009 – Alucard


It’s hard being a hero, but even harder when your father is the main villain of the series. That is the case with Alucard, one of the heroes in the Castlevania franchise.

Real name Adrian Farenheights Tepes; Alucard is half-human/half-vampire hybrid, born to a woman named Lisa. His mother would eventually be killed by the villagers after she was accused of witchcraft. Despite this, she always told Alucard to respect humanity and not turn into his father, whom loathed humans. Honoring his mother’s wishes, he would go against the forces of darkness; the forces of his father.

His first appearance came in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse as a boss character against the protagonist, Trevor Belmont. After he was defeated, he joined Trevor in defeating his father, Dracula. Upon completion of the mission, Alucard went into a deep slumber, both to ease his mind of killing his father and also to protect the world from Dracula’s powers should they ever arise again. He would be good to his word, as he arised ones more to free Richter Belmont and stop Dracula again in Symphony of the Night. In both Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow, Alucard goes into disguise as Genya Arikado. As Arikado, he would be an advisor in the future to Soma Cruz, a man who was supposed to be Dracula’s successor. His prevention of Soma from becoming Dracula would eventually help him into defeating the choas within the castle.

Alucard represents a character who proves that even a vampire can be a good at heart, and that no matter what he will always be there to stop the evil plans of his father. It’s hard to go against your family, even harder to go against your father. That is why Alucard is our hero, as he is “The Righteous Prince of the Night”.

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Prince of the Night

Prince of the Night

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