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The Shill: Next Call of Duty Will Be Set During the Vietnam War?


This year marks Treyarchs’ turn in the Call of Duty franchise, and most people are wondering: “What time period will it be set in?” The majority of the series has been set in the World War II era, and the Modern Warfare games are set in the present/future era. Now it seems, that a new era will be ushered: the Vietnam era.

Casting calls for the game heavily suggest that the game will be based during the era, such as character being a “WWII veteran” and “CIA agents” (the CIA didn’t exist until after WWII). Also, the “Military Assistance Command Studies and Observations Group” was a covert operations unit that conducted missions between 1964-1972 in, you guess it, Vietnam.

It will be interesting to see how Treyarch will handle this game. The Vietnam War was a long and costly war, that saw the victory of the communist regime and fall of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

Sources Game Informer

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