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Overclock and Speed Up HP TouchPad

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Want to install PreWare on your HP TouchPad? Go here.
——- Begin Overclocking and Optimization Guide ——-


Launcher -> Settings -> Software Update

Make sure you are on 3.0.2 before continuing.

Root the device and install Preware…-touchpad.html


(this may be out of date…i did this personally a week ago) in order to overclock it, open preware, click on the top left part that says preware with the little arrow, then go to manage feeds and add the following feeds: (name it whatever you want, leave is compressed for both)

update the feeds and it should show you a ton of stuff. start by finding and downloading govnah (manages overclocking and temp etc). if you did it right so far, it should be v1.0.5
after that you can download warthogkernel, or uberkernel. I use uberkernel. after you download it, when it restarts, you can open govnah and set the profile to ondemandtcl 1512.

Speed Fixes / Patches

1) Start the Phone app on the TouchPad, dial ##LOGS#, clear logs and set to minimal logging.

2) Fire up Preware, navigate to Available Other > All and install EOM Overlord Monitoring. Thisdestroys the processes that uploads log files to Palm. This also saves on unnecessary bandwidth being consumed without your knowledge.

3) Patches

* Make It So (of course, you need this patch)
* Muffle System Logging
* Remove Dropped Packet Logging
* Unset CFQ IO Scheduler
* Unthrottle Download Manager
* Quiet powerd Messages
* Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
* Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness 10 (this is the 10px version)

4) For extra points, also install the following patches

* Max Blocker (ad and analytics cookies blocker)
* Private Browsing

5) Lastly, browse to OpenSearch Entries and add a secure search engine to use instead.

Other !!

Check other patches for stuff like louder speakers, no ripple on tap

Apps like Save / Restore can back your !! up
Jstop frees memory, you can set it for every 5mins.

Source here.


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