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Kyocera Echo: Sprint Mystery Event Surprise Revealed

You all might remember that Sprint sent out a mysterious message inviting people do an event to witness an event that was suppose to be “a first for any phone carrier”. This exclusive event also featured food and celebrity magician David Blaine. Guess what? The event is over and now here is the ultimate surprise… Sprint and Kycoera Present… the Kyocera Echo.

The Kyocera Echo

As you can see, the Echo is a dual screen device that takes the best from a mobile phone and a touch screen device. It is almost like the Nintendo DS was turned into a phone. The design looks beautiful and the product runs on the Android Froyo (version 2.2) Operating System. Other than that, not much is really known about this little bugger at the moment. The photos do identify that the speed is 3G. Let’s hope that will be changed. Let’s also hope that the dual screens don’t end up eating all the battery life.

Personally, I was hoping that Sprint was going to announce something crazy… like they would now support GSM and CDMA phones. Oh well… one can dream right?

If you want a length description about the various features of the Kyocera Echo you can read it here.

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