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Cute Video: Pet Penguin in Japan


That’s right — another penguin video (this one taken from RealTV)! Lala, a King Penguin, lives in Japan and has his own room with an air conditioning unit in it. This penguin likes to take trips into the city while wearing a penguin backpack to go to the fish store, where it gets sardines and mackerel!

Video: Criminal Penguins!


These male penguins are building nesting areas with rocks to attract females. Unfortunately, this causes a wave of crime to take place. The stealing / theft of rocks!

The video clip is from the BBC Frozen Planet series!

Leopard Seal Forcibly Feeds Photographer Penguins


Firstly, I’ll start out by saying “hahahaha”. A photographer for National Geographic went to Antarctica to take pictures of one of the top predators there — the Leopard Seal. He went in the water where at the time, the Leopard Seal had a penguin in its mouth. The seal let go of the penguin, then put the camera in its mouth and let go. It then proceeded to try to feed the photographer, thinking he was another predator of a lower life form. At first he gave him full penguins, then got disgusted as the photographer kept letting them go and not eating them…So he then gave him weak penguins…and then dead penguins…and then partially eaten penguins in an attempt to show him how to eat them. This went on for 4 days straight (not that the person was in the water for 4 days straight of course, but he just kept coming back). Here’s the interview about the situation with the photographer:



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