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Countdown to Mass Effect 3

So there’s been a crapload of stuff going around about the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3, but none as crazy as the apparent War of the Worlds-type shit going on at @AllianceNewsNet on Twitter. It just started updating regularly since this morning (a little before noon on the east coast of the USA) with messages ostensibly from reporter Emily Wong, who you might remember helping out on a couple of investigative journalism quests from ME1. Apparently, shit’s gone south in Los Angeles as the Reaper invasion has *just* hit there, and the FTL communications buoy blackout a week before (on Twitter, literally about a week) results in her having to communicate via a consumer-grade (I guess) quantum entanglement communicator that, being crappy and not at all like the Illusive Man’s resources, limits her to Twitter.

This is a social networking campaign in action, folks. Save this for a case study.

Anyways, the latest tweets (as of 5:54 pm EST) detail the intrepid Ms. Wong and a UCLA researcher testing out a Reaper weapon recovered from a corpse. What it is, I don’t know, but are we perhaps talking hints of DLC weaponry already?

Impressions: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


BE FOREWARNED: Minor spoilers ahead.

So after about a week or so of play (in terms of total hours spent…), I come away with some hopeful impressions of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer segment. A little background recap: the new multiplayer segment in Mass Effect 3 finds four players of  varying race and class battling against unfavorable enemy odds in waves. These small-scale actions take place parallel to Commander Shepard’s main campaign against the Reapers and can be safely ignored in the final game. For those of you who do partake in the multiplayer segment, it adds to a Galactic Readiness level present in the Campaign mode. How that Readiness level plays into the campaign is not yet clear, but you can imagine it presents a pretty sweet incentive to keep playing.

BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Co-op Details


People have been salivating over Mass Effect 3 for months now ever since the trailer came out for the game.

Then BioWare dropped a bombshell; the game would include multiplayer. Some celebrated it. For many, though, it set off alarm bells. BioWare is a company known for developing and delivering polished single player experiences; what were they going to gain tacking on an afterthought deathmatch mode?

Mass Effect 3: The N7 Assault Rifle, Pure Sex


Sex God of Futuristic Phallic Symbols to FUCK YOUR ENEMIES UP WITH

What a hell of a way to announce an unannounced weapon. The Mass Effect 3 Arsenal Pack has been up to now known to contain the N7 series of weapons, with the N7 Shotgun, Submachine gun, Sniper Rifle, and Pistol being officially avowed. It could only be a matter of time and not a huge leap of logic to arrive at the N7 Assault Rifle.

But oh, in what style does it arrive!


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