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Mass Effect 3: The N7 Assault Rifle, Pure Sex


Sex God of Futuristic Phallic Symbols to FUCK YOUR ENEMIES UP WITH

What a hell of a way to announce an unannounced weapon. The Mass Effect 3 Arsenal Pack has been up to now known to contain the N7 series of weapons, with the N7 Shotgun, Submachine gun, Sniper Rifle, and Pistol being officially avowed. It could only be a matter of time and not a huge leap of logic to arrive at the N7 Assault Rifle.

But oh, in what style does it arrive!

Well, okay. That’s not quite it. The Arsenal Pack doesn’t include this sex god of a Mass Effect assault rifle, but our real flesh-and-blood world sure does. The latest creation of Harrison Krix over at Volpin Props, this replica rifle follows the lines of the already established N7 line of weapons as a project from the guys over at BioWare themselves, and delivered in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, it featured heavily in the BioWare booth. You might have noticed it if you watched the latest of BioWare TV’s “The Pulse” segments with host David Silverman. That gun he’s got either in his hands or damn well near them the whole time? Krix’s N7 rifle.

As always, check out the Volpin Props page for the run-down of his construction process and the links to his Flickr page for more droolworthy pictures of the finished product.

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