Today is Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Countdown to Mass Effect 3

So there’s been a crapload of stuff going around about the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3, but none as crazy as the apparent War of the Worlds-type shit going on at @AllianceNewsNet on Twitter. It just started updating regularly since this morning (a little before noon on the east coast of the USA) with messages ostensibly from reporter Emily Wong, who you might remember helping out on a couple of investigative journalism quests from ME1. Apparently, shit’s gone south in Los Angeles as the Reaper invasion has *just* hit there, and the FTL communications buoy blackout a week before (on Twitter, literally about a week) results in her having to communicate via a consumer-grade (I guess) quantum entanglement communicator that, being crappy and not at all like the Illusive Man’s resources, limits her to Twitter.

This is a social networking campaign in action, folks. Save this for a case study.

Anyways, the latest tweets (as of 5:54 pm EST) detail the intrepid Ms. Wong and a UCLA researcher testing out a Reaper weapon recovered from a corpse. What it is, I don’t know, but are we perhaps talking hints of DLC weaponry already?

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