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Firefox 64-bit (x64) Coming to Windows 7


Yep, Firefox 64-bit is coming to Windows 7. Pretty cool. One problem though is that flash is not yet offering 64-bit versions of flash or shockwave at this time, rendering 64-bit iffy for browsing generally. You can find this version when available at the Latest Trunk.

Firefox 4.0 GUI Change


Firefox plans to release a brand new graphical user interface (GUI) for Firefox 4.0 when it comes out. They currently have a few mockup interfaces that they created. Check ’em out!

Firefox 4.0 GUI Firefox 4.0 GUI

Mozilla Changes Release Cycle


Firefox normally adds new features once or twice a year during upgrade. However, they have decided that from now on they will add new functions during their normal security updates, which is pretty cool in my opinion. Firefox 3.7 has been dropped from the schedule because of this. Read More Here.

Firefox v.3.5.7 Released January 5th 2010


For those who haven’t done so yet, and are keeping as up-to-date with Firefox as possible (not counting betas), Firefox has recently released their 3.5.7 update. It was actually released January 5th so I’m a bit late to post about this. It fixes a handful of stability issues, as well as some presentation issues. The changelog can be viewed Here. Release notes can be viewed Here.


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