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Dishonored Crashes – Galvani’s office Fix Resolved


Dishonored has had amazing reviews and leads the player to make certain choices and certain… game crashes! Currently many people are experiencing their game crashing in Galvani’s Office. While this is a known Bethesda problem and will get resolved with a patch. Till then, run your game in window mode and use the latest video card drivers.

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MechWarrior Returns for Free Download; Crashes Webserver


Since the announcement of a new MechWarrior game for the first time in seven years, the proud new owners to the MechWarrior name, Smith and Tinker, have been building interest for the franchise, including a bold move to release the venerable MechWarrior 4 and its expansion packs online for direct download.

For free.

Catalyst 9.10 Released and Catalyst Crash Fix


Ati has released version 9.10 of Catalyst. You may download them here. Have you been an unfortunate soul like me and have been crashing at the install screen?  Well I have devised a solution to fix that as well.

Read here on how to fix the “Catalyst Install Manager has stopped working” error message.

Funny Video: Last Day at Warehouse


Naota ナオ太

Titled: My last day at the warehouse.

– ナオ太 (Naota)


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