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Cool Video: A Skydive From Space


When you’re up that high, it seems like you’re not falling at first! This is a video of Joseph Kittinger — first man to skydive from outer space using high altitude balloons. He went up to 102,800 feet (31,300 m) and accelerated up to 614 miles per hour (988 km/h).

Cool Video: All Known Galaxies In the Universe


This is a cool video of all the observable known galaxies in the universe.

Private Industry Taking to the Stars


There’s an interesting interview with Franklin Chang-Diaz, CEO of space technology firm Ad Astra at Technology Review, detailing some of the ways that private industry can take up the slack left by the gutting of the space agency’s budget in recent years (though not put in such terms).

As a former astronaut, he knows what he’s talking about. Of particular interest though is an update on the progress of a new type of engine his firm is building, one that promises sustainable powered space flight. Longer, I suspect, than any currently available chemical rocket system in use.


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