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Amazon Nintendo DSi Sale


Those of you who liked our DSi vs DSi XL article and have not decided yet may be intrigued by this special Amazon sale of the DSi. I have added the sale to the top of the article and have pasted it below. Happy Black Friday shopping.

Deal Alert!!!!
For Black Friday Amazon is selling a special DSi bundle! and you can pre-order it now rather than wait in line!

Amazon DSI Bundle

Amazon DSi Black Friday Bundle Sale!

This bundle includes the Nintendo DSi Game System, Mario Party Game AND $25 Amazon Video Game Credit for $150. Click the photo above to pre-order so you won’t miss this deal and won’t have to wait in line at stores. You can also find the Nintendo DSi deal by clicking here.

Cheating Alexa’s Ranking System – Naughty Naughty!


I just read an interesting article on Esrun about how he’s able to cheat the Alexa Ranking System. Don’t know what Alexa is? Read below:

Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Along the way Alexa has developed an installed based of millions of toolbars, one of the largest Web crawls and an infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data.

That’s an awful description from the Alexa website. Essentially, it’s a website that has users install a toolbar that then tracks your activity and sends back stats to Alexa. This allows for “rankings” to be created, as it tells Alexa how many people go to which site and other similar info. Not everyone has a toolbar so these stats aren’t necessarily correct, but having a high Alexa rating is a very good sign that a given website is popular. The more visits from someone with an Alexa toolbar, the better the rank.

Throughout the article, the creator talks about how gaming the system is actually done. He first performs packet sniffing to obtain the data being passed through the toolbar and then takes advantage by having proxies make use of the data in question by emulating toolbars of their own. He has several other interesting methods too.

Check out the full article: How to Game Alexa

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Amazon S3 – Free 12 Month Trial 5gb Storage


You can get an Amazon S3 5gb Storage account for free for a limited time! The account will last for 12 months, that’s one year! Very cool. Simply go to their Amazon Promotion Page HERE and sign up!

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Free $10 Video On Demand Credit


Sponsored: is currently offering a $10 Video On Demand credit for TV shows to those who enter promo code TVEMAILS. Simply go to This Page and click the “Redeem a gift card or promotion code”, then enter the code. You’ll be able to use that credit to watch any of the following TV shows on this page. Enjoy.

Walther P99 (Co2) Review


Author: Foose
Editor: Naota
Product: Walther P99 (Co2)
Price: $62.99 (Price may vary)
Date: 06/09/2010
Rating: 6.7/10

Well fans, get ready for a new category:  Weapons!
I’d love to talk to you all about my recent purchase of the Walther P99 from

SUMMARY: I recently purchased this near-perfect replica of a Walther P99 powered by Co2 and shoots .177 caliber BB’s.  It functions as a real gun, meaning you must pull the slide back to cock the internal hammer.  The ordinance doesn’t chamber, it stays in the clip actually which is good because it poses less of a threat when determining if the gun is ‘safe.’  Once you fire, the slide blows back, then slides forward to re-cock the internal hammer.  The slide catches back when the magazine is spent.  To release the slide, pull the slide back and release or press the slide release lever.  The ejection is on the trigger guard.  The safety is very well built.  To put it in ‘fire’ mode, you must pull back and up, but to put it on ‘safe’ you simply push it down. 


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