Today is Sunday, 14th April 2024

T-Mobile to Be Acquired by…. Sprint!?


T-Mobile and Sprint have currently been talking with each other a lot lately. Deutsche Telekom, the owner of the T-Mobile USA subsidiary, is considering spinning off T-Mobile USA.

While these two carriers have many users, both haven’t been able to hold a dominant marketshare over AT&T and Verizon. This acquisition certainly would boost Sprint’s userbase by a significant amount.

Sprint to Acquire T-Mobile

The real challenge here is actually the technology behind it all. Sprint uses CDMA technology that operates without a Sim Card and on a different frequency from T-Mobile’s GSM (Sim Card) technologies.

Will users one day get to use either technologies? Will this acquisition go more smoothly then when Sprint and Nextel merged? At the moment no, as both companies cannot agree on how much T-Mobile USA is worth. Only time will tell.

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