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Solved: BioShock Infinite – Errors, Crashing, Lagging, Freezing, Black Screen

BioShock Infinite Game FixesBioShock Infinite is out. Thank you 2k Games w/ Irrational Games, for this lovely new BioShock chapter in the BioShock series!

Many of you are familiar with these games. They are spooky, first person shooters (FPS) games that have RPG elements and a storyline shrowded in mystery. In this particular saga — BioShock Infinite, you ex Pinkerton Agent Booker DeWitt.

So what is Your mission? To save Elizabeth, derp!

Just FYI — this game is available on Windows PC (Steam, Origin, DVD), Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 (PS3). So enjoy console gamers and computer gamers alike!

But you’re not here for a summary of the game. Right? I hope not.

Because you should be here because of encountering BioShock Infinite errors, lagging, crashing, stuttering, or suffering issues.

Perhaps you are even trying to troubleshoot some sort of other problem!

Read our suggested BioShock Infinite game fixes. Our list keeps updating so be sure to come back if we don’t have a working solution for you as of right now. And if you know of any game fixes that we don’t for this game, then please share. We’d love to hear them!


BioShock Infinite Crashes Every Few Minutes and at Lighthouse

This is going to be very similar to the fix below this one. There have been so many different issues causing this same problem. Try the following:

  • Verify integrity of your game cache in Steam
  • Use most up-to-date videocard drivers
  • Disable all your extra monitors so it is only 1 monitor
  • Turn off any overclocked settings
  • Make sure you game runs at an appropriate temperature
  • Run your Bioshock shortcut as DirectX9 by doing the following (Thanks rumham)

    Here is what my shortcuts properties target line looks like.
    Notice the addition of -dx9 to default entry.

    “G:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\BioShock Infinite\Binaries\Win32\BioShockInfinite.exe” -dx9

  • Increase your pool size (see below)
  • Disable the Killer Gaming Network (re-enable if this doesn’t work)
  • Disable SLI/Crossfire!
  • Update motherboard drives, bios, etc. (use caution! this only helped a few people)
  • Install up-to-date codecs for audio/video
  • Try opening the game as an administrator

BioShock Infinite Crashing / Freezing / Doesn’t Open

This includes encountering the annoying BioShock Infinite black screen on launch. Try the below solutions!
— Disable SLI / Crossfire and play the game with only one card
— Lower your resolution to something more common
— Upgrade your NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, AMD, etc graphics card drivers to the newer beta versions (they provide fixes and performance increasements / enhancements)
— If using Steam, try playing the game in offline mode
— Launch the game directly (do not use the EXE)
— Change the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3 (you shouldn’t have to do this, but if desperate, it can help some people)
— Navigate to your install folder and ensure that the included DirectX package is installed (you may attempt reinstalling it)
— Lower the graphics for the game
— Revalidate your game cache

No Sound / Audio / Music for BioShock Infinite

Intense games need to be played with sound. Note that these fixes can help if you have a weird static, fuzz, or crackling noise too.
— If using a 5.1 or 7.1 audio setup, try setting it to 2 or 2.1
— Run the game in Vista or Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode
— In Control Panel, go to Sound & Audio Devices (or Sounds, Speech & Audio Devices)…Then in the Volume tab, hit “Advanced” -> Speaker Settings…Then under Performance, move the slider form FULL and BEST to NONE and GOOD for hardware a acceleration and and sample rate conversion

BioShock Infinite 3 Lag Fix

Stuttering? Lagging? Upgrade your damn computer! Kidding. Mostly. If your computer is awful, it would make sense as to why you are lagging. But assuming that is not the case, read on! This should help with screen tearing too.
— Lower you resolution (helps tremendously)
— Disable VSYNC (and if you need it, use NVIDIA Control Panel or ATI Catalyst to use Adaptive VSYNC…or use D3DOverrider)
— Lower graphics settings
— Upgrade your video card drivers
— You can change additional settings in XEngine.ini (located in my documents — just fyi)
— Using XEngine above, increase the PoolSize

Anyway, that’s all the fixes we have for now! Check back again for some new ones.

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