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Rocksteady Studios Now Part Of Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment group has announced that they have acquired majority stake of Rocksteady Studios, the developers behind the 2009 hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This is seen as a smart choice for Warner Bros., as they are trying to make a mark in the video game industry. Rocksteady’s hit has already shipped over three million copies, and they are currently working on a sequel to Arkham Asylum.

Studio director of Rocksteady games, Jaime Walker, showed excitement and enthusiasm in the purchase:

“We are proud to strengthen our association with WBIE, a world class publisher that we have enjoyed working with since we began developing Batman: Arkham Asylum”.

No price has been announced for the deal, which now has Warner Bros. holding 75% of Rocksteady, the rest still belonging to English based Eidos Interactive.

Editor’s Note: This isn’t much of a surprise, seeing that Rocksteady’s success prompted Warner Bros. to make the move. It will be interesting to see what other games Rocksteady will produce, since they are interested in focusing on other WB brands. Maybe they make make a Superman game to avenge the infamously dreadful Superman 64.

Sources: Joystiq; Kotaku

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