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Nintendo Attacking Retailers Importing & Selling DS Flash Cards


Nintendo has really been focusing on dealing with pirating lately. It’s a bit annoying, but whatever. This time they’re going after flash cards for the DS. As you may know, I am a fan of these little cards since they give the Nintendo DS the ability to be more than just a game system. You can check out my article on these little cards Here. Yet again, this will make the homebrew community weep a bit inside.

GoNintendo reports that Nintendo–along with 54 Nintendo DS developers–returned to court on Saturday and filed a new lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court, demanding that four companies cough up $4.4 million in damages. A previous suit filed with the Court demanded that the same four retailers halt the import and sale of the R4 Revolution and similar devices (majicon); these are used to download pirated games and play them on the handheld console via flash carts. But because all four companies blatantly chose to ignore the original notice, they now face monetary damages and perhaps even Mario’s super jump punch.

“Through the spread of majicon and other illegal devices, our company and software makers have suffered grievous harm,” Nintendo said in a statement. “We hope that, though this suit, recognition will grow among users and others in society at large of the great damage these devices have caused the computer game industry and start a wave that will sweep away these illegal devices from the marketplace.”

Nintendo’s latest lawsuit, backed by the original February Tokyo District Court decision that importing and selling the R4 Revolution and other devices are illegal, uses the Unfair Competition Prevention Law for its legal grounding. Although Nintendo and its developer clan are focused on four specific retailers, many outlets in Tokyo are still openly carrying and selling the flash card devices on store shelves.

Because of this, Nintendo also recently launched a Japanese “snitch” website where fanboy detectives can submit the URL of specific retailers that continue to sell the R4 Revolution and similar devices. “It’s getting increasingly difficult to track down R4 sellers as day by day they get more ingenious, flourishing online and complicating matters,” the company said.

Source: Toms Guide

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