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MSN Spambots Are Getting Smarter. Well, Sort of…


We all know instant messaging spam bots… they instant message you, trying to get you to go to a link. This is usually done in the request of “come see my picture here” or something like that. Well lately spam bots have been getting further developed so they actually start to carry out a conversation with you BEFORE they give you the link. They are sure starting to get smart! Well… sort of…

Spam Bot Conversation

Spam Bot Conversation Click to see full size.

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  1. Comments  Enki   |  Saturday, 20 February 2010 at 9:38 PM

    I like how MSN is advertising “Looking for love this Valentine’s? Click here!” on the bottom of that chat window.

    SO THAT’s who keep trying to add me that I didn’t know..

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