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Man Swallows Flash Drive, Charged With Obstruction


I personally found this to be hilarious, though I’m sure it’s happened before (intentionally and unintentionally). Recently, a man being watched by the secret service, swallowed a flash drive in an attempt to hide it.

The model? A Kingston. The person more than likely would have experienced a great deal of pain when pooping out the flash drive. Whether or not it would still work depends on how well the manufacturer designed their flash drive to survive acidic and anal…conditions. He took the surgical route though, which is slightly less painful.

Source: cnet

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  1. Comments  servbot_kill   |  Wednesday, 03 March 2010 at 11:07 PM

    Actually the doctors went and recommended they surgically remove the drive. He was feeling the pain, so he let them do it. 😛

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