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Xbox 360 Getting USB Storage Support Via 2010 Update


The Xbox 360 will be getting an update that allows it to support USB storage likely in Spring 2010. This information was discovered in documentation by Joystiq and confirmed by two Microsoft employees — so heads up! The storage cap will be 16gb’s, which is a nice little addition of space!

Xbox 360 USB Support

I’m sure a lot of people are excited about that. After all, what an easy way to add some extra space, huh?

Info & Image From: Joystiq
Additional Info: Gamespot

Man Swallows Flash Drive, Charged With Obstruction


I personally found this to be hilarious, though I’m sure it’s happened before (intentionally and unintentionally). Recently, a man being watched by the secret service, swallowed a flash drive in an attempt to hide it.

The model? A Kingston. The person more than likely would have experienced a great deal of pain when pooping out the flash drive. Whether or not it would still work depends on how well the manufacturer designed their flash drive to survive acidic and anal…conditions. He took the surgical route though, which is slightly less painful.

Source: cnet

The State of USB 3.0: USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0


USB 3.0 has been quite an interesting topic these days. Intel who was once going to begin supporting USB 3.0 in early 2010, decided to push support back to sometime in 2011. Since then, it was thought that the smaller companies would hold off too. That has not been the case.

Asus has released details of a USB 3.0 motherboard coming out “soon.” Additionally, Asus has also detailed the release of their own USB3.0 / SATA 6.0 PCI-Express Card that will be available for $60.00.

There you have it… USB 3.0 is coming, and it is gaining momentum. I believe that Intel will have to reconsider it’s stance to push back support for the technology if they want to stay competitive.


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