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New How to Get Free Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Beta Keys


*update* View the latest way to get Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Beta keys here.

—The below method is now Dead. Look at the above link —

I had mentioned a method of how to get free Battlefield Bad Company Two ( 2 / II ) beta game keys in my previous post called: Free Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Beta Keys. That method no longer works though, as the event ended. Do not fret! There is a new method of obtaining beta keys for Battfield Bad Company 2 for the PC now.

You simply go to Fileplay Keys and register for a regular member account. You will then obtain your key. Please note that if you miss out on getting a key, the website does in fact post more keys every couple of hours or so. Get them before they’re all gone! Again, this is not through Geek Montage, but via the website FilePlay so do no request keys here as done in the previous post. Thanks and enjoy your keys!


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