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Google Chrome 7 To Be 60 Times Faster – Firefox 4 Increases Speed Too


New GPU acceleration that will be available for Google Chrome 7 helps the browser become 60 times faster than Chrome 6, as reported by Google.

“This system picks the best graphics API to use on each OS that Chromium supports: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS and Linux,” — James Robinson & Gregg Tavares, Chromium Blog

This will assist in not only 2D graphics, but 3D graphics as well. An example video of Google Chrome 7 can be seen below. While it doesn’t look particularly impressive, it certainly is assisting in helping the aquarium demo run at its maximum potential in FPS (frames per second). A stable build of Google Chrome will be available this fall, however the developer’s build is already available.

“We’re excited to give developers fast 2D graphics, but we think truly hardware accelerating graphics on the Web means giving developers access to a programmable 3D graphics pipeline with WebGL. With WebGL and 3D CSS, developers can create modern games, impressive photo galleries, 3D data visualizations, virtual environments, and whatever else they can dream up.”

So What About Firefox?
Is Firefox doing anything to try to combat this? Yes, of course! Firefox will be using Hardware Acceleraton as well for Firefox 4 in an effort to handle images with faster speed and more ease. The use of hardware acceleration in browsers will be a common feature for browsers as they try to compete in overall speed.

Source: PC World

Just For Kicks…

If you haven’t seen the video below yet (it has been posted on Geek Montage previously), I highly recommend doing so since it’s just so cool. It’s Google Chrome being compared to several physical events rather than just showing frames per second and statistics like that. These events…are very cool. Pull up a seat and have a watch!

The comparisons that are being made are —

  • Chrome Browser vs. Potato Speed Test Experiment
  • Chrome Browser vs. Sound Speed Test Experiment
  • Chrome Browser vs. Lightning Speed Test Experiment
  • The computer used was a MacBook Pro laptop with Windows installed (ironic?) and the camera used was a Phantom v640 High Speed Camera at 1920 x 1080 that can film up to a whopping 2700 frames per second (that’s a lot of fps!).

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