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Funny Video: Chrome Multitask Mode (Google April Fools)


April Fools Day video by Google pertaining to Chrome. A multitask mode that gives you access to two mice (mouses) at once and shuts down your computer if the two mouse pointers get too close. Good for sharing one computer between two people 😉 They have a fake demo you can do of it too.

Firefox vs Chrome vs IE


Here is a great little comic showing the battle between browsers – Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Click the image to see it larger.

Chrome VS Firefox VS Internet Explorer

As many of you know, Internet Explorer is losing market-share more and more as time goes on. Chrome is taking market share from both browsers, but Firefox is hanging in there.

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Google Chrome 7 To Be 60 Times Faster – Firefox 4 Increases Speed Too


New GPU acceleration that will be available for Google Chrome 7 helps the browser become 60 times faster than Chrome 6, as reported by Google.

“This system picks the best graphics API to use on each OS that Chromium supports: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS and Linux,” — James Robinson & Gregg Tavares, Chromium Blog

This will assist in not only 2D graphics, but 3D graphics as well. An example video of Google Chrome 7 can be seen below. While it doesn’t look particularly impressive, it certainly is assisting in helping the aquarium demo run at its maximum potential in FPS (frames per second). A stable build of Google Chrome will be available this fall, however the developer’s build is already available.

“We’re excited to give developers fast 2D graphics, but we think truly hardware accelerating graphics on the Web means giving developers access to a programmable 3D graphics pipeline with WebGL. With WebGL and 3D CSS, developers can create modern games, impressive photo galleries, 3D data visualizations, virtual environments, and whatever else they can dream up.”

Video: Google Chrome VS Potato, Sound Waves, and Lightning


The title alone must have you going like “HUH”? Well, after watching the video clip, you’ll understand. Several experiments involving potatos, sound waves, and lightning, were used and time in comparison to Google Chrome loading a page. I personally like the lightning experiment the best since not only does lightning look cool, but it catches their little boat on FIRE! Anyway, have fun watching these useless experiments!

Google Pays $1337 for Chrome Vulnerabilities


A good tactic that some companies take to help encourage users to take the initiative of submitting security vulnerabilities is to reward their users with cash. Google is paying between $500 to $1337 — a number that they purposely chose since “1337” spells “leet” in geek-speak. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to get $1337 for submitting a vulnerability 🙂


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