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God of War III Will Require No HDD Install


PlayStation 3’s biggest game of the year keeps getting better news. Sony has confirmed that God of War III will not have any HDD installation before you play.

Via a tweet, Christer Ericson of Sony said, “God of War 3 does NOT do a HD install. The 5MB listed on box back is for save game only.”

God of War III is currently one of the few games to fully utilize the full capacity of the multi-layered Blu-ray disc, which is between 35 and 40 Gigabytes. Interestingly enough, the US version will be around 35GB while the European version will be around 40GB.

Editor’s Note: While this sounds like great news, but like many people I worry about the loading time and frame rate lag. The recently released Bayonetta comes to mind of this…

Sources: CVG

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