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George Lucas Planning to Redo All Six Star Wars Movies In 3D


Unfortunately, George Lucas saw the movie Avatar and decided that he must remake ALL SIX Star Wars movies in 3D. Now, I don’t know about you guys…but I think George Lucas needs to step away from the Star Wars movies for good…need he damage the series even more than the creation of Jar Jar Binx did…Me’s-uh-think-so!

Storm Trooper - Those WERE the droids I was looking

Article Title: Lucas’s plan to turn all SIX Star Wars movies into 3D
Source: News of the World

THE blockbuster Star Wars films Obi-Wan to enter a new 3D galaxy…

Director George Lucas plans to convert all SIX movies in his space saga into 3D after being wowed by smash hit Avatar.

That means fans will see favourites such as robot R2D2 and Jedi leader Yoda, with his funny jumbled talk, transformed by the special effects.

Lucas said: “We’ve been looking for years to do this but the technology hasn’t been there. I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen.”

Lucas, 65, wasn’t a fan of 3D at first. But he’s been desperate to transform his flicks since finishing the last one, Revenge Of The Sith, in 2005. He finally saw the light(saber) after seeing James Cameron’s sci-fi movie – which scooped two Golden Globes this week.

“I liked it,” he said. “I make movies like that, so I can appreciate what James Cameron went through to do it. It worked well in 3D and I’m happy it’s so successful.”

Lucas will start work on converting the films as soon as he;s finished his new war movie Red Tails. A source said Star Wars could be the most successful movie franchise ever – despite Avatar, the first in a proposed trilogy, being expected to break the £1billion mark at the box office this weekend.

But a 3D Stars Wars would cement it at No1 at the box office. The first three films were updated in 1997 and went on to top £1billion.

The source said: “It was box office dynamite. Another re-release is likely to be just as successful.”

Not such a Darth-t idea then!

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    God, I want to punch whoever wrote this article.

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