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Daily Digest September 7, 2011



  • How to see the “supernova of a generation” with a pair of binoculars

    Remember that “supernova of a generation” we told you about a few weeks ago? The astronomers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the same crew that spotted the exploding star, are very excited about the supernova. As it’s the closest one to Earth that’s been discovered in the past 25 years, astronomers want to make […]

  • CBS demands removal of Moonblink’s Android Tricorder app

    The Android Market always had a little something for everyone. Star Wars fans could get their light-saber on with a nifty little app, viral YouTube addicts could recreate that infamous scene with a taser app, and Star Trek fans could turn their phone into a Tricorder until CBS got involved. The corporation’s DMCA-backed takedown request […]

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