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Daily Digest September 6, 2011



  • iEmu aims to let you run iOS on Android or PC hardware

    Ever wish you could run iOS on your Android phone or tabelt? You may be able to soon, if the iEmu project is successful. Chris Wade, the developer behind iEmu, is working on QEMU-powered virtualization that will allow other devices (including Android phones and tablets, Windows and Linux computers, and even other iOS devices) to emulate […]

  • Dragon Quest X will also be released for the NES

    Yesterday, Square Enix announced the next entry in the Dragon Quest series of games. It is called Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku and surprised everyone by being a game that requires an online connection to play. Although not an MMO, DQIX is a game that encourages you to go online, form groups, and […]

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