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Daily Digest September 28, 2011



  • Amazon Silk brings super fast, cloud-powered web browsing to Kindle Fire

    Now that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has been fully revealed, it’s abundantly clear that it’s a content consumption device first and foremost. There’s no camera or GPS as you’d expect to find on a full-featured tablet, but there are strong ties to Amazon’s many media offerings — including Kindle eBooks, the MP3 store, and Amazon […]

  • Microsoft and Samsung ink Android patent deal

    It’s safe to assume that Google makes plenty of money off Android (in one way or another), but Microsoft has done its share of profiting from Android smartphones and tablets as well. How? By striking patent licensing deals with device manufacturers like HTC, Acer, Velocity Micro, and Viewsonic. The HTC deal alone netted Microsoft more […]

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