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Daily Digest September 24, 2011



  • This bike has beautiful tempered-steel wheels for a super smooth ride

    You’ll never get a flat tire with the Soft-Ride Bike. This wonder uses what appears to be a normal bike frame, but instead of the standard metal rims/spokes with rubber tires, the wheels on the bike are made up entirely of sprung steel. Guests staying at the W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square will have […]

  • World’s first fully functional LEGO greenhouse: Even the dirt is made of LEGO bricks

    We’ve seen a lot of cool things made out of LEGO bricks. Recently we saw a LEGO robot hand, a LEGO 3D milling machine that carves 3D shapes, and even a pancake-making robot made of the tiny toy bricks. However, this is the first greenhouse we’ve seen built out of LEGO bricks. The LEGO Greenhouse is part […]

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